Back in town to refuel and rest our weary skin. If you have ever touched sandstone, you know how accurate the name is. Sandy stone. It is truly like rubbing sandpaper over your skin. Now imagine shoving all kinds of body parts into said stone and putting all of your weight onto that. Yep, you end up leaving more skin on the stone than you though you had. I currently look like a meth addict with the amound of gobis I have. (And now the name of this blog comes into play. I can’t remember if I ever explained it in a previous post, but a gobi is an open wound where the stone has cut/rubbed the flesh away. Kind of gross but there you have it.) But it is totally worth it. Climbing is just so fun. So physically and mentally demanding. It is often hard and I struggle all the time, but in the end it is always worth it. The sense of accomplishment is amazing. Addictive, some might even say. When you climb a hard, scary, runout pitch you feel like you can do anything.

But climbing will have to be on hold for a day or two. We are both still nursing plenty of injuries. JJ messed up his knuckle on a climb and it is so swollen it looks like he is growing another finger in there! I am dealing with some elbow flareups so trying to get that under control before we head back out to the Creek.

Grace will be coming out next week which is exciting! (I see you girl, you had better see this and start really trying those crack simulators at the gym!) It’ll be fun for her to finally get on some “real rock”. The gym is fun but it is nothing compared to actual stone. Hopefully she will become a convert:)

Until next time!

Super sized chair in Moab
Shoutout to “Froggy”


JJ was contemplating about all the food we could have…
Another fantastic creek sunset

2 thoughts on “Moab

  1. Oh, my goodness, Sweetheart! It sounds more like punishment than fun! I hope you can find some nice, SMOOTHE, easy climbs for awhile, and especially when Grace is there. As a novice, you want to take it easy on her. Please, please, just all stay safe!!!! I love you all so much!


  2. Now both my girls have “Froggy” hats 😊. Maybe we need to pack Gracie’s hat with her for the Moab trip. Rest those knuckles before you head back out, please! We are looking forward to our trip to Moab!!


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