Indian Creek

Finally! We have made it. Our pilgrimage has come to full circle. The place that really started it all, for both of us. Where our love for rock climbing and the desert and each other (sorry for sounding so cheesy) came into being. This place is magical. There is nowhere else quite like it. Just outside of Moab, UT is a mecca for crack climbers where mesas full of endless splitter cracks beckon. Indian Creek is one of the best places to climb ever. But it is more than that. There is truly something in the air here that makes it so different.

It is hard to post because there is no service at the creek. If you want to get in touch with other people that are there you have to leave a note on one of the boards. If you want to get in touch with people that aren’t there, well…you’re SOL. So when we need to get in touch with someone or need more water or just want some nice coffee the nearest place to go is Moab. That is where I am right now as I write this. In our favorite cafe, Red Rock Cafe and Bakery. Many mornings have been spent here stuffing our faces with delicious pastries and drinking coffee until our hands shake. Lovely. But once we have satisfied our needs here we go back into the wild. Well, as wild as it can get. ANd it does have a true feel of wild western freedom. But it has been tamed since the “good ol’ days” when only a handful of people even knew about the creek. Sadly I wasn’t even born at that time but I can only imagine how amazing it must have been to be out there and truly be alone. Now you are lucky to find a single climb that isn’t occupied, let a lone a whole area. The place is crawling with climbers now. Indian Creek sees thousands and thousands of visits every year and is only becoming more popular. I can’t be upset, I have no entitlement to this great place, and if anything I am contributing to the crowding. But I hope we can all be better about preserving this beautiful and delicate place for generations to come.

I am sorry for the brief posting and I will write again as soon as I can, but it is time to go, the splitters are calling.


2 thoughts on “Indian Creek

  1. I’m so glad to hear from you again, Kate. It’s been a little while now. Your enthusiasm for Moab and its splitter rocks (if I have that phrase right) is very compelling. If I were about 60 years younger, I might be tempted, but maybe not. I don’t think I ever had the abilities you are exhibiting in your climbs. I hope we’ll see you before too long. Love, Grandma


  2. MOAB. Dear to my heart also. Miss Utah more than anywhere. Make sure you call Sara if you get anywhere near SLC! 801-558-4598. Love all your writings and pictures are fantastic. Keep em coming. Where to next? Love you guys. Karen


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